Pictures by F.





§ 7 Responses to Pictures by F.

  • theroom22 says:

    the second one is the sexiest thing

  • Augustine Wolf says:

    The first picture (the cover of the album) is very beautiful. I like the smooth shapes and the cropping. I would have liked it more of if wasn’t all blurry. The hand can be blurry, that’s fine and interesting plus it adds dynamic to the ensemble, however her face and her body lacks in definition and it shows gaps in the technique. I would suggest a wider aperture to fix that and it would add even more smoothness. You should try a lithography feel on this; I think it could work better than the desaturated / sepia post work. The dark of her eyelashes is my favorite part. And her delicate nipple.

    Second one is pretty but there is way too much noise on the light parts.

    Third one is very well done and executed. Focus on her hand is wise and dynamic. I like how her body flows out of the frame. Smoke in her mouth is good too.

    Fourth is my less favorite. Again, too much noise! Composition is bland and her eye should cope for it but it doesn’t. Her eye is too dark and instead of seeing her daring stare, all we see is the reflection of the light source and it makes her eye look like a big blobby thing.

    Last picture is pretty and delicate. It goes well with the first one, of course. The first and the last picture could make a mini serie together, the other ones does not match the atmosphere.

    Overall nice shooting but watch out for clichés and work on you light.

  • Inès says:

    Merde! Où as-tu acheté ta main de fatma?????? J’en veux uuuuune.

  • theroom22 says:

    c’étais un cadeau, le pire c’est que je pense l’avoir perdu

  • Très belles photos!
    Ouais la deuxième très fort!
    ” it’s not lithography but Lomography.”

  • augustinewolf says:

    no, I was really talking about lithography but thanks.

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